Success Stories: Halliburton and SDSB-LUMS



Left to right: Fahad Ali Khan (BSc’ 18), Muhammad Ahsan Hafeez (BSc’ 18), Fawad Suhail Babri (BSc’ 19), Fiza Irfan (BSc’ 19), Moazzam Ali (BSc’ 20), Muhammad Shahzeb Naveed (BSc’ 21), and Shajee Abbas Khan (BSc’ 20) 

Halliburton is an American multinational corporation responsible for most of the world's hydraulic fracturing operations. The organisation employs more than 45,000 employees, representing 130 nationalities in more than 80 countries. At present, 7 SDSB Accounting and Finance graduates are working in Halliburton, Pakistan and 5 in the Middle East. SDSB pushes the boundaries of business practice innovations, economic growth and societal advancement. Our graduates continue to create the future. 

Students can visit the company's website for further information. Connect with Halliburton on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to look for placement opportunities.