Speaker Session: The Journey of Creating a New Brand



On Thursday, February 15, 2024, SDSB-LUMS welcomed Ahmed Hussain, the Director and Chief Strategy Officer at Service Sales Corporation (SSC), for a presentation on "NDure: The journey of creating a new brand." Ahmed Hussain, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Engineering, has been a pivotal figure in SSC's transformation, particularly in the digital space. With over 350 retail outlets and a significant online presence, SSC is a prominent player in Pakistan's footwear market, boasting renowned brands like NDure and Calza Liza.

During the session, Ahmed shared insights into SSC's evolution, highlighting its shift from traditional brands like Servis and Cheetah to the innovative NDure and Calza Liza. He highlighted the company's commitment to brand building and its successful foray into e-commerce, which began in 2017 and has since propelled SSC to the forefront of online shoe sales in Pakistan.

Ahmed's presentation not only explained the journey of NDure but also offered valuable lessons in strategic brand management and digital transformation.

Guests at the event included students, staff, and faculty from LUMS, reflecting the commitment of the institution to connecting its stakeholders with industry leaders. The engaging session offered an informative presentation on the dynamics of the footwear industry and the significance of adapting to changing consumer preferences in the digital age.

The SDSB Speaker Series continues to fulfil its mission of providing valuable learning experiences, fostering academic-industry collaborations, and inspiring the academic community. We look forward to future sessions that will continue to inspire and educate our students.

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